Electron EDM research group

Perform experiments to discover or rule out a permanent electric dipole moment (EDM) of the electron,
while guarding against false-positive and false-negative results.


VFPt dipole point Can an EDM be discovered?

In the Standard Model, electron EDMs are probably too small to observe. But some models of dark matter, baryon excess, axion production, and especially Supersymmetry generate much larger electron EDMs.

XKCD Higgs Boson Why can't we find an EDM?

Many Supersymmetry calculations predict electron EDMs larger than experimental limits. No experiment has yet claimed to observe an EDM in any system, and over 50 experiments have null results.

cesium and francium Electron EDM experiments using Cs and Fr fountains

Alkali atoms are well understood: The enhancement of the electron's EDM in Cs or Fr is established from field theory. Sensitivity to an EDM and to major systematic effects can be independently determined in Cs and Fr fountain experiments.

cesium fountain Developing new cold atom fountains for Cs and Fr

After a proof-of-principle Cs fountain EDM experiment, we are developing new prototypes fountains to test parts of the EDM experiments that involving extremely small magnetic field and large electric field.

test stand Surprising results from magnetic shield tests

EDM experiments need shielding to reduce magnetic fields and magnetic field noise. We have discovered some unexpected properties of common shielding material that can affect many sensitive experiments.

solenoid Manipulating clouds of Cs atoms with magnetic field gradients

Beam transport simulation shows how, with magnetic focusing, >70% of the atoms in a cloud of cold atoms survive multiple bounces from the end of a solenoid. An apparatus is being assembled to test our simulations. This may have application to BECs.

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